We are dealing with

  • Investment Banking & Asset Management

  • Credit Access

  • Insurance

  • Real Estate


Investment Banking & Asset Management

Safety and professionalism at your service!

The Investment Banking & Asset Management area is divided into 4 different divisions.

Corporate Finance: A team of specialists with solid experience in financial marketers who, after quantitative and qualitative analysis, offers Customers the best solutions to optimize corporate debt management and capital.

Investment Banking: An Innovative and Competitive Business Company, oriented to offer customer relations, services and global investment banking and insurance products. We ensure international relations, specialized and sophisticated solutions in the areas of Capital Markets and Structured Finance.

Corporate Lending: We offer Customers the organization, structuring and implementation of sophisticated financial, insurance, commercial and real estate solutions.

Property Management: Client-oriented services to protect, manage and develop your assets with the necessary professional skills and exclusive professionalism.


Credit Access

The perfect partner for your credit needs.

A widespread presence throughout the country allows our professionals to closely follow the customer at every stage of the service, the search for credit solution specific and more suited to individual needs, the compilation of the necessary documentation.

In addition to the loan products secured by mortgages or Bank guarantees and Personal Loans, the GBI Consultants propose to the customers specific Professional loans dedicated to professional Freelancers, mortgage and unsecured loans for Small and Medium Enterprises.


Insurances Services

Your Security First!

Today GBI, in the figure of his Director Dr. Luigi Latino, relies on the experience of inner core professionals in order to select the best solutions based on the specific needs of the customer.

In this area, the Group can boast of excellence with particular attention to the leasing, financing, concessionary Commercial / Financial Guarantees, international account activation.


Real Estate

Profitable Investing

The GBI LIMITED was established to offer the real world a range of services that can innovate the concept of mediation.

Thanks to the valuable know-how of the Group, provides high added value to professionals in the real estate sector in an integrated project services, combining the human factor and aggregation of individual professionals in high-tech tools at the ultimate user service and the community of professionals affiliated for the exchange and sharing of information.