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The Business Process Outsourcing area has been developing since 1999 with the positive experience of its Director Dr. Luigi Latino in the international financial sector. For several years, commitment and pushing project management activities enable GBI LIMITED to market itself as the world’s leading provider of high-tech outsourcing administrative services.

GBI becomes a true partner of its customer, exceeding the limit of mere supply and delivery of services. Proven collaborative forms from the earliest stages of design enable companies to have the strategic capacity to organize the economic activities that are related to the realization of Financial Services, Insurance, Commercial and Real Estate Services at a minimum cost.

In our country, the Group’s BPO area represents a unique example of engineering in the world of services. Its high capacity for innovation, continuous improvement of processes and the study of ad-hoc technology solutions facilitate the external delegation and partnership relationship established with the customer.

The high technical expertise of the Management Team enables to provide a medium / long-term view of the results and greatest benefits of outsourcing, which enables the Customer to better manage and optimize the entire business processes and to maintain high standards of economy and efficiency in its service.

GBI LIMITED offers outsourcing services mainly to Leasing Companies, Financial Institutions and Banking Institutions. The main advantages that these realities can obtain by outsourcing services are:

  • Quick adaptation to changes and market demands;
  • Saving time and money in delivering non-core services;
  • Greater profitability due to increased concentration on the activities that represent the core business of the company;
  • Significant increase in the quality of non-core services due to the high level of outsourcer’s specialization in delivering them;
  • The possibility of obtaining a highly specialized consultancy service and of relying on experienced employees, specially formed on individual outsourced activities;
  • Possibility of transforming fixed costs into variable costs, increasing the company’s profitability.

All activities are carried out while maintaining the focus on customers, with a flexible organization and the financial know-how of the GBI Group.

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